A Journey Towards Freedom in Costilla County

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October 3, 2015 Comments (8) Views: 7198 Off the Grid, San Luis Valley

Victory: County Backs Down, Won’t Chase Off-Gridders From Land

Off-the-grid newcomers have won a major victory in Costilla County, Colorado, as county commissioners shelved a plan to require water, septic tanks and electricity for building permits.

Proposed changes to the county’s zoning regulations would have effectively prevented many residents from building homes on off-grid properties they purchased in Costilla County, Colorado Public Radio and Off The Grid News previously reported. Dozens of off-grid residents may have been forced out of the county, simply because they couldn’t meet the requirements. Some, for example, are using composting toilets.

The proposed changes made national news last week when a story about a dispute between long-time county residents and off-the-grid residents was picked up by news outlets as far away as San Francisco. A shouting match outside a county commissioners’ meeting on the issue had led to the arrest of one resident.

County Backs Down

But the county shelved the proposed land-use code changes on Oct. 1, Colorado Public Radio (CPR) reported. No reason was given, but the action followed a number of media stories.

“We all felt like it became a distraction,” the county’s chief administrative officer, Ben Doon, said, according to CPR.

Doon now believes that the county’s existing code is adequate to handle the situation.

Off-grid residents cheered the news.U.S. County Running Off-Gridders Out Of Town

“This can be a very positive development for the community that all of this happened,” Chloe Everhart, a newcomer who was critical of the changes, told CPR. Everhart had been organizing opposition to the new code. “Maybe we can start working together to solve some things that have been problems for a very long time.”

The inaction by the commission doesn’t solve the problem of camping permits. Some off-gridders have camped at their sites for long periods of times – which led the county to stop issuing long-term permits.

Property owner Bob Pinnick alleged that a code enforcement officer that came to his property was wearing body armor and a pistol, a local newspaper, The Conjeos County Citizen, reported. The officer was accompanied by an armed sheriff’s deputy.

‘There’s a Misunderstanding’

The officer was apparently there to evict Pinnick, saying he was illegally camping out on his own property. Costilla County’s land use code requires a permit for camping for more than 14 days, even if it’s on a person’s own land.

Pinnick wanted to camp there while he built a home.

FB-Bob Pinnick plrace

Photo by Sylvia Lobato Bob Pinnick stands outside the RV he is using for a residence while he builds a home on land he owns above Colo. 159.

“We have sought the necessary permits, but we can’t get them,” another resident identified only as Leslie said.

Said another resident, known as Sundance, “There’s a misunderstanding of what we are doing here. Off the grid just means you’re setting up your own infrastructure.”

Costilla County is located near the city of San Luis in southern Colorado, a sparsely populated rural area. The region was divided into tens of thousands of lots many years ago but most of the lots were never developed because there is no water, road maintenance or electricity.

That makes the lots very cheap, so people with little money buy them to develop off-the-grid homes.

The moral of the story is clear: Never believe what a realtor or developer selling cheap land tells you about land-use regulations. Check with the zoning department before you buy if you want to avoid a legal conflict with the local government.


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  • AffinityNetNews

    More and more we are witnessing draconian laws i.e., mere de facto fraudulent ‘corporate policies’ pretending to be ‘laws’ that are fomented to crush all liberty and freedom of the individual.

    Totalitarian techno-fuedal collectivism and corporate-debt-slavery is the goal (UN Agenda 2030) instigated by the psychopathic criminal ruling elite that have long-since highjacked our sovereign nation, and hypothecated, collateralized and monetized and then ‘incorporated’ We The People, into soulless units of commerce as bondservants to serve the international marxist/fascist occupational invading criminal banking/military cartel called:

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    You had better learn who the true enemy is whether you like it or not. Rothschild/Rockefeller et al, controlled World Satanic Talmudic Babylonian Jewish Zionism is the enemy of all humanity.

    Are all Jews involved ? No. But, you will find that Rothschild Satanic Israel was behind 9/11, and much more.

    The United States is a Corporation: US Statue Code Title 28 3002 (15) (a) (b) (c) 16 Stat. 419, Chap. 62, 41st Congress 3rd Session.

    There it is folks, in their own de facto fraudulent words.

    There is NO GOVERNMENT of, by, and for ‘We The Useless eaters’ – ONLY an occupational hostile invading international criminal banking/military cartel ‘pretending’ to be our Constitutional government from Federal, State, County, and City levels.

    (Research: The Act of 1871, The Federal Reserve Act, The Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933, The Trading With The Enemy Act etc.)

    Hint: an ‘Act’, is not Constitutional law – it is a ‘Corporate Policy’ and nothing more.

    ALL Corporations and nothing more. All sub-corporations of the de facto criminal foreign owned and controlled USA Inc.

    The entire so-called ‘legal system’ is merely a corporation, with no lawful authority, jurisdiction or Constitutional basis whatsoever !

    Question: Show me where a ‘mere’ corporation has lawful authority, jurisdiction and lawful interstate nexus to require you to obey submit, and comply with ANYTHING !!!

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    Stop drooling in front of the TV, get informed and help educate all the brainless sheep that still believe in the false-matrix of lies, propaganda and illusion that is meant to enslave them from cradle-to-grave.

    Research: ‘America is a Corporation’


    • QuibONO

      “Evil is not succeeding because of the superior genius of its’ followers…..
      – Jack Campbell


    • freethedacks

      Thanks for speaking truth here, brother. Sadly, the sheeple have been dumbed down with left-right political theater, football and hollyweird idolatry to the point that most are willing accepting the chains of bondage and debt slavery. But it has always been the minority of “truthers” AKA heretics that move societies towards freedom. We just need the heretics to act in unison, so that the small force activates the tsunami. First, cancel all debt instruments by demanding the actual written two-party wet ink contract (hint- there is none). Second, stop using banks altogether and do business in barter and cash. Buy second hand first. Third, Grow some of your own food, especially nutrient dense greens and berries; learn how to preserve it. These 3 acts disengage you from most of the corporate commerce. If many do these things, the corporatacracy will be hobbled. Oh and 4th and most important, study the real tax law under USC Title 26 and learn that most wage earners are not even liable for the income tax that robs you blind. Go to and to arm yourself with the truth. If enough people stop feeding the beast, like Oz’ Wicked Witch, it will just melt away. Just add water (the truth that is everywhere)

      • AffinityNetNews

        Words of wisdom my friend, words of wisdom. And thank you for speaking truth!

    • s k

      Tis a rant…

  • freethedacks

    All these unlawful statutes need no compliance.
    Simply because men in suits write stuff on paper does not bind you to
    their written words. Were you a party to the agreement (whatever zoning
    BS someone wrote on a piece of paper)? By what contract are you bound
    to abide to their dictates? Answer – there is none, unless you agree to
    be bound to their “juris-diction.” Don’t argue – use their own language
    (legalese) against them. Use conditional acceptances and negative
    averments to deflect their unlawful statutes. Educate yourself in who
    you are – free sovereign beings – and who they are – agents of a
    fictional construct. It’s all about commerce. Become a creditor, and
    you will “stand” above these debtor agents who provoke you with words on
    paper that mean nothing to the freeman!

  • jeff

    Don’t stop! Now your mission is to remove all of the draconian lawmakers…

  • s k

    IT seems clear that mr. Pinnick will be unable to build a residence…due to lack of funds.